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About Us

Retro Boater is the largest source of apparel for all your Classic Boating Apparel and Accessories.  I created this site out of necessity.  For the last 10 years my wife has struggled to find me anything Classic Boat related.  She would head to the local mall to get me a one off shirt or hat that never seemed to turn out well.  That or she would buy me something off a resto shops' page which also never seemed to be all that great.  During a long deployment over in the great sandbox of Iraq, I had the task to make t-shirts for our unit.  It was there I learned the process of screen printing, design, etc etc.  Fast forward to now I launched Retro Boater.  We have right around 1000 products and counting.  If you don't find it here, not a problem.  Get a hold of us, and we will design a great looking product made custom for you.  

   As for our personal life, we live out Retro Boater in Poynette Wisconsin, a small town situated next to Lake Wisconsin.  I've been into Classic Boats since the very first I saw as a young boy, cruising down the Chain O' Lakes in Eagle River, WI.  After my first deployment to Afghanistan I had the opportunity to purchase a 1950 Higgins Sport Speedster.  As of right now we have no classic boats water worthy.  We recently sold my Higgins to make way for a major restoration on another.  That boat is currently being worked on by Paul Cundiff at Woodies Restorations.   We have one other project awaiting restoration as well.  That is a rare 1958 Correct Craft Starflight, but for now its tucked in the back shed until further notice.  Aside from that, I am a member of several boat clubs, to include the ACBS, CCABS, Silver Arrow Club, and Boat Buds.  Outside of that, I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.  


Chris Franz


Disclaimer: All items that we sell are NOT manufactured or endorsed by any Automotive or Boat Manufacturer.